Friday, June 9, 2017

Eating can be one of toughest challenges

Eating is easily the most difficult sensory task for this woman on the autism spectrum. Risking unfamiliar tastes and textures, trying new food takes time and fortitude.

I approach new foods cautiously, and have worked to expand my palate (You’ll read about “food-chaining” on this blog). There are even foods I’m enthusiastic about: artisan breads, rice and olives.

Even so, some textures remain off limits.

Trying new foods is difficult enough — the wrong textures have caused me to gag — but sometimes that challenge is further burdened by painful past experiences.

Anger, humiliation, shame imposed by adults who condemned my “picky” habits — many of my worst experiences involved food.

This blog is an exploration of “norms” and challenges related to eating food. It’s a “new” blog, but it launches with writings that have been migrated from other sources.

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